Ever wanted a conveyor-belt serving food to you in your lounge room. Well, Hungry Man has that luxury. He just needs you to feed him. Swipe, touch or drag over food traveling down two conveyor-belts and drop it into his hungry mouth. You must try to satisfy his hunger before the time runs out, but be careful, over indulging will result in a cholesterol overload and certain death.

If you haven’t got as far as playing the game. You will first need to drag a menu item into Hungry Mans mouth. He will eat anything you feed him. Use that power wisely.



Hunger Bar

The bar on the left of the screen clearly displays the gastric juices of Hungry Man's hunger. To progress to the next level, you must subside Hungry Man's hunger by feeding him what ever you can get your little fingers onto before the time runs out.


Cholesterol Bar

You have the power to feed Hungry Man whatever comes hurtling down those conveyor-belts, but everything has its pros and cons. Large fatty foods can fill Hungry Man up much quicker than vegetables, but will send Hungry Man's cholesterol rocketing to dangerous levels. By over indulging, you could expose Hungry Man to an unsightly and grotesque end.


Game Mode Toggle

Using the little Mystery Tick in the Pause and Options Menu you can toggle between game modes.


In Course Mode, you will feed Hungry Man to Satisfy his hunger before the time runs out.



In Unlimited Mode, you will feed Hungry Man what ever you can get. His Hunger will never be satisfied and the time will never end. Unless Hungry Mans Cholesterol over flows.

Game options toggle


Hungry Man can fit a lot of food into his stomach, and it can be very difficult when his stomach lining stretches over time and he is able to fit more in. The Gastric Band is an operation that can be given to Hungry Man in an instant and will halve his hunger making Hungry Man much easier to satisfy.


Rotten food more often than not gets in the way of a good diet. To make it easier and quicker to feed Hungry Man with no worry about unwanted microbes infesting his system, simply turn rotten food off.


Most of us take time for granted. Luckily in Hungry Man you can always add a little more to extend your chances to satisfy his hunger. 


Hungry Mans Belly

While Hungry Man's cholesterol rises so does his belly. If you have the time you can play with Hungry Man's belly and watch it jiggle to burn off some of that unhealthy cholesterol.


The Clock

Time is relative. If you choose to play the game in course mode time will be set to 1hour Hungry Man time, which relates to 60 seconds. If you can’t satisfy Hungry Mans Hunger before The Clock hand runs a full cycle, Hungry Man wont be happy and you will have to try again. 

If you opt for Unlimited mode however, time is relatively irrelevant.


Fat Attack

Every so often the powers that be like to throw some tasty, fat filled foods from the heavens to bring Hungry Man closer to a cholesterol overload. If you drag your finger across or up on the fat when they fall, you can grind them to a pulp and save Hungry Man from unnecessary calories.






The best types of food for Hungry Man to consume are Vegetables. They are fresh, nutritious and if fed to Hungry Man consecutively, they rapidly satisfy his hunger and earn you bonus points.



As we all know, meat is a great source of protein with good and bad fats. Consequently, Meat will satiate Hungry Man's hunger much faster than Vegetables, but will also increase your cholesterol.


Fast Food 

When food gets pelted at you down a conveyor-belt you could say it's 'fast food', but it's this junk food that you will have to be careful of. High in sugar, fat and calories, junk food should definitely be fed to Hungry Man in moderation. Fast Food will satisfy his hunger quicker, but eating too much of it will result in poor health and possible death.


Bug Infested Food 

You can never trust a conveyor-belt to serve you food of the highest standard. There are bugs that love particular healthy food. 
If you happen to feed Hungry Man bug infested food, you will not only loose Hungry Man's respect, you will also gain a little bug friend. An annoying distraction, these new friends can be squished easily if you press them enough times.


Rotten Food

Hungry Man likes most foods, he doesn’t even mind you shoving a protein rich bug in his mouth now and then. However if you feed him Rotten food you will find your score demished and a disgusted look on Hungry Man's face. Avoid rotten food.




If you splat a bug on your screen while feeding Hungry Man you get a bug credit which can be redeemed in the Hungry Man Shop for a Hungry Man life, Fat Busting Cap or Super Berries. 

Fat Busting Cap

You may see a Fat busting cap down the track. Eat it to add it to your inventory. A Fat Busting Cap, when adorned will grind all the fat for you while you are happily or frantically suppressing Hungry Man's hunger.


Super Berries

Watch out for Super Berries which, when eaten will add to your inventory to use anytime. Press the Super Berry Icon to activate. While in Super Berry Mode anything you eat will suppress Hungry Man's hunger faster and will burn off cholesterol or minimize the cholesterol consumed.



You notice Hungry Man starts with 1 life token. When this life is redeemed, it will allow you to return your most recent course. You might also be able to pick a few extra lives along the way, or buy lives anytime in the pause screen. Even when you may think it's too late.


Vegie Bonus

If you can manage to control your urge to feed Hungry Man the delicious delights that are up on offer and stick to Vegetables, you will be well rewarded. Vegie Bonuses multiply your ability to satisfy Hungry Man's hunger with Vegies. You may also be interested in achieving the Highest Vegie Count on Game Centre or between your friends.